I am a fluid dressing trans cat guy who needs more tattoos and doesn’t have enough coffee to get through the day. I write sometimes.



My name is Jeremy (or Brandon, either work), and I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Currently, I am working on a multitude of books, short stories, and fanfics in my spare time (or whenever I can find the time to actually sit down and you know. Write.)

Aside from writing I usually spend my days chatting and hanging out with my boyfriend arguing about The Sims and other silly things, scrolling aimlessly through Tumblr, having lunch dates with drag kings and queens, snuggling my cat until he’s sick of me, and shopping. I am an active member in my local LGBT community, as well as a voice for cats and cat wellness/behavior.

This site will hold my thoughts for all things writing, LGBT, trans*, fandom, cat wellness, or otherwise. Very personal posts apply, as well.

Always remember that  you can go be great ♥


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