Look To Your Writers

I really want to try to get more of my writing out there, but I am just unsure of how to do it. And the problem is that I can’t promise to produce updates on a certain day or time of a week every single week. Sadly this is mostly due to medical and life stuff coming and going that I can’t always often handle or control. Though, I write generally enough, I think, and would really like to try and push myself out more into the writing world whether it’s original content, blogging, or heck even fanfic is enough for me from time to time.

And I also generally feel like it’s just hard to make it as a writer anywhere, even for freelance/fun because it’s written works. Often times, it gets glazed over online if it isn’t in book form. You go to a bookstore to read and pick up/buy books to have and to hold and put on your tables and shelves. You can’t exactly do that with online writings. Though, when I was younger I used to print out full ass copies of my favorite fanfics, blog writings, or even stuff from like Buzzfeed and Huffpost to read and keep in my hands. It just feels good to have something in your hands that’s written. And I get that so so much. I can’t necessarily say that’s why perhaps us writers online get looked over (it could also be very much a popularity standpoint or a career aspect, too), but it’s the same sense as well, to me, as with Smalltubers. So many people get looked over who have tremendous talent. But it seems that unless you’re big in name, have lots of money, or are living live rich and prosperous in general or just are generally popular among fandoms or websites that people know . . . well, it’s just a snuff of light for the rest of us who can’t even seem to get a ticket in.

Right now, for example, as it stands, I am working on several fics, some more WordPress write ups, and on the side, some original things. They’re all being worked on, I just can’t ever promise when they will be up and public. And while that may be my downfall, reminder that I’m doing my writing for free. So, realistically speaking, my deadline and timeline are my own. Honestly, if I could crank out stuff every week twice a week, I would. But sometimes I just don’t have the energy or the motivation to do so. Sometimes writer’s block happens. But as it stands, I write because I love it and it’s my passion. The reason I would love to put myself out there more is for others to connect with my words for themselves, or connect with me.

Sometimes I do what I can but it seems like it’s just so … disinterested in. And not to say I’m writing for others. But it is always nice to have an audience, regardless. It’s always nice to have feedback, connectivity, and conversations. I feel like sometimes the written words/works are lost in communities. People want things fast, here, and now. And not for nothing, I love love love love art and fan-artists and original artists. I commend them just as much as I commend freelance writers, if not more. But if we are honest, their content is more than likely to get picked up and noticed than those in prose. That may be just my take on what I’m seeing, but I have heard it around the roots from other writers that their stuff just is so often glazed over.

Encouragement is always welcomed and appreciated. Encouragement, comments, likes, engagement . . .  whether you’re a writer, a content creator through video, an artist, or other forms of freelance creativity. It’s nice to know you have an audience, whether target or not. It’s nice to know that you have engagement, a following in any other sense of the word. It’s nice to know that you’re making an impact whether it’s in a serious manner, or fun and witty. Ask any writer, musician, artist, or even youtuber you know or has a following/is talked about or you’ve just seen their content around. What drives them is their passion and the passions of others who share their views, their geeking out, or their ideas even. Community, regardless of what type it is, is all about engagement, conversation, creativity, fun, and even collaboration in some parts.

One of the things I hear a lot from new creators is their fear of being rejected. They’re not as good a writer as this author. Not as good of an artist as this comic creator or fan artist or animator. So much potential can be lost because people are afraid to start. They’re afraid they won’t live up to the standards everyone else is setting for themselves or for other creators. They want to be just as good as them, not seeing their own potential, talent, and what they’re good at on their own. They’re afraid of rejection and not being the high bar standard so many people have set for content. And to be honest, I think that’s really upsetting. If I never put my foot out there to write terrible fanfiction back in 2009-2013, I wouldn’t be where I am in my writing today. I was afraid, yes, when I began. I got horrific reviews. I got yelled at. I got told to stop writing. I didn’t, though. I found new platforms. New fandoms. New content. New people. I grew, I created, and I strived to be better for myself. Be better in my own talents. Not better in the standard of other writers.

And now? Now I have several writings on AO3 that I can be proud of and work past to become even better than those are. You’re always growing as a content creator. No matter what your format media is. While proud of several of my fanfics on AO3, some of them could probably use re-writes and be re-done. But for now, I’m proud of them. And in another maybe three to five years, I can look back on one of them and say “That was good, but I did better today. And I’m still proud of this particular piece.” That’s what creating is all about. Aside from wanting to get out there and having engagement, as previously talked about. It’s good to get out there and I would love to more and more, but it’s also important to keep creating. Even if you’re afraid to start because of those higher standards from others and from what you see or who you follow. I never dreamed that I would have so much content on AO3, or even have as much of a response that I have in the last year or two that I’ve returned to it and broke through my years long hiatus. (And that’s only because of writer’s block and life). I never thought I would start a public blog such as WordPress. I’d gone back and forth on it for so long and even though it’s not really looked at much, I’m glad I have this. It lets me get things like this out, and like my personal life situation without annoying my friends and blowing up social media. It’s a journal, if you will, for me to bring up social situations, life situations, and the likes of this post here.

So while it’s upsetting and hard to get out there as a writer or any beginning content creator, please. Try not to focus too much on getting “Famous”, “Popular”, or having a large gathering. And I know that’s really stupid of me to say, since the format beginning of this was just that (more or less, just me trying to figure out how to get out there more to GET engaged with communities. Followed by what I’ve heard and seen around the bend from creators and why there’s such a high bar) . . . just create. That’s the main thinking you need to have. Whether it’s WordPress, AO3, Tapastic, YouTube, animation, drawing, Twitch, anything you love and are into. Create, and don’t set a huge, impossible pedestal for yourself. You’re only going to sell yourself short, disappoint yourself, and feel like you’re less than others. I still do that, to this day, I’ll be completely honest. And that’s okay! It’s human.

My next point, too: you’re only human, please also remember that. Don’t stress yourself out. Don’t try to push yourself to make things happen and get stuff out in a certain, unrealistic deadline for yourself. You work at your own pace. And that’s the beauty of freelance creativity. If people are impatient and don’t understand why you take so long, then that’s their loss. You come first, then your creations. Always remember this, even if others are telling you that your work comes first. Not when it’s free and on your own time. Always take care of yourself and your personal life first. This is one of the many reasons why I haven’t been able to do many updates as of lately. I have personal stress and things to take care of outside of my writing life and life online.

So create. Even if you’re afraid to take that first step. It can be scary, and you can still look at everyone else around you and think they’re better and always going to be. But remember something: even if they’re big, they’re popular, or just in general well known . . . they’re people too. I can name several people I’ve watched for a while blow up and become something. They’re still people. Though I may nerd out when they talk to me or reblog my stuff or anything like that, I remember that they’re still people. I’ve seen many say they need to take social media breaks to focus on life and work on their art/writing/videos/etc. And that reminds me that they are people and are just as tired, humble, free-creating, and stressed out as I am.

Don’t sell yourself short, but also don’t put yourself up to the highest , unreachable standard. It’s hard to get yourself out there, it’s true. And it’s disappointing, I’m not saying that it is. We’re all human, remember that. And just because I feel this way and stated all that in the beginning, doesn’t mean that I cannot tell others to just . . . create. I’m still learning, at almost 26-years-old to just create and not think about whether or not I’m going to get noticed much. Would I love to? Yes, definitely. Does it influence my creativity, my thinking, and my passion? Definitely not. It’s okay to feel these things and it’s okay to be a little discouraged from time to time.

Just don’t ever let that snuff out your light. Promise me, that in whatever you do, whatever you create, you won’t stop.

The world needs so much more creative potential. Don’t let anything or anyone intimidate you otherwise.

This includes yourself.


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